Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Whatch what you say!

So today was quite mad on my Facebook. I just couldn't stop offending people! Firstly this guy posted a stinky message because I hadn't listened to his mates demo... although that was all dealt with pretty swiftly! Then I made a derogatory comment about Mark Morrison ( - remember him?) and one of his mates had a pop at me!

HOWEVER... On looking back at this I thought to myself "What right do I have to say these things?". I mean even in jest its still pretty crappy to just use somebody as a comedic device y'know? And its something I do a lot tbh...

Now in my defence what I said about him WAS half true (I called him a talentless community service dodging shitehawk) in so far that he DID do this: But he certainly wasn't talentless. He had a good voice and that song of his (Return Of The Mack) was a major pulling device at many a college party back in the day! And I don't even know what a shitehawk IS so I don't think that bit counts...

His mate pointed out to me that now he does loads of charity work and helps kids and stuff so I felt kinda bad about the whole thing. So I guess this is an open admission and apology for being a bit of a dick really. I think in this industry we are all prone to knocking people when really we secretly envy their achievements in a way. I mean I would love to have had a single as big as "Return Of The Mack".

Will I learn from my mistake? Probably not. As I type this I am on Twitter ribbing Tinchy Stryder's lyrics...

Do I think its right? Certainly not...

Is it funny? Yeah sometimes but maybe try not to make it the ONLY string to your bow! lol

I hope that most people who read my Twitter understand that I am being jovial and I don't really mean most of the shit that I say!

I like to entertain and amuse if possible, but a hater I am not...


  1. It' all good! You the Man! You really don't have to explain yourself. Keep them hitz coming "Flauta Magic" YEAhhh!!!

  2. you live in a democratic country

    and the constitution says that you have the right to say anything you want ;)

    it's free talk, don't feel offended

  3. I on the other hand have nothing musical to offer the world so will stand by the proposition that Mark Morrison is a... well it rhymes with 'bat' anyway.

    Isn't he the reason Whitney Huston became a crack head?