Thursday, 24 September 2009

Thank god its over!!!

Well thats it for another year. The boundless torrent of spam that I have been forced to embrace for the last couple of months has FINALLY ceased... Because the voting for the top 100 DJs has closed.


I made a conscious decision this year not to pester people for votes for a very simple reason.

We all read the results every year and we all think the same thing... "Who the fuck is THAT?" and "How on earth is this guy/girl in here?" etc etc...

Well its simple: If you can drum up enough votes you WILL get in... But people don't need to be your fan to vote for you!

They only need to be bored enough amidst their daily routine to click your link. Remember, many viruses, trojan horses and other internet critters have been spread throughout the globe by people clicking on stuff just because they have 5 minutes to waste...

Every year at this time, the DJ world becomes obsessed with canvassing for votes and metaphorically "kissing the baby" in a bid to get into that elusive upper centum. But do they really think that anybody believes it? I honestly don't know a single person that holds stock in it and therefore I say this:

If I get in this year then thank you for voting for me as a REAL fan... and if I don't then clearly I am NOT one of the top 100DJS in the world...

The latter is hardly the end of the world after all...

The whole thing is akin to this new trend that has sprung forth on Facebook:

"DJ Superfunkymegabollocks suggests you become a fan of DJ Superfunkymegabollocks"

Why does he suggest this? He is in Israel or Morocco or wherever and I am in the UK. I am unlikely to ever hear him mix or ever see him play... so what kind of fan am I?

Answer: The kind of fan who is willing to be a virtual chasm for the oodles and oodles of spam that this persons fan page is going to vomit at me, thats what kind.

Now many of you may say "Its ok for you. People know who you are so you don't need to self publicise like they do".
But why do people know who I am? Because I have tried to let my music and my DJing speak for itself.
Having 87,000 Indian fans is pretty pointless if you are a young Romanian DJ who has never left Eastern Europe.
DJing is rapidly becoming a game of numbers rather than talent.
Soon the emails and spam that gets sent out by DJs will be treated with the same contempt as the Viagra and Nigerian Money Scam emails that we all receive on a daily basis...

So do yourselves AND the dance music world a favor and show a little class...

If people like what you do then they will join your fan page...


  1. Mack Suz - Future House Music

    I agree with you. I feel like, because the DJ who makes plays better does not mean that it will have more fans from the DJ who promotes shit.

    Greetings from Poland

  2. totally agree with you..

    and most of the DJs, who got the numbers rather than the talent, do feel free talking about that!

    haha, they know that their followers/fans are there not for his music, their soundcloud/myspace count is nothing but spam, but they can still go on and brag about it like "i know the numbers are just spam but its still better than yours!"

    well i dream of a community where everyone respects each other and give credit for only the talent and the performance columns but i guess mine is just an utopia.

  3. Yo!

    I do agree with you. The rest of the dj's are exist only on the web. No gigs no fans. Just push themself!
    Greetings from hungary!