Friday, 4 September 2009

Ibiza... WOW!

People often get sentimental over Ibiza, but until now I have failed to really "Get It". I mean yes I thought the clubs were impressive and yes I thought the sound systems were great... but really the only thing that moved me was the sunset. I loved the fact that in the newer commercially driven Ibiza, the biggest attraction on the island was an act of nature, beautifully framed by the islands and headland of the bay...

As you can see though I am talking in past tense... cuz 2009 was different.

I can't quite put my finger on the actual reason WHY it was different but it was. People were far more music driven and far less booze driven.
In previous years people were turning up to the clubs HAMMERED to the point of blacking out because of the soaring drinks prices (Which I must say are STILL soaring and its a fucking piss take... €14 for a can of red bull???? Whoever plucked that magic number out of the air deserves to have their fucking bollocks pulped...). But this year I saw a much more together crowd. People danced, held their hands up, reached for the lasers and sang their hearts out to every anthem they knew the words to.

And you know what? Good on you all! You have overcome the powers that be who say that recession is on us... You have overcome the club owners who are determined to turn Ibiza into a millionaires playground... But more than all of this you have enjoyed Ibiza for what it is. A beautiful, magical place that can work its way into your heart and never leave...

Thanks to every single one of you that came to see me play at any of the gigs I did over there! You made my year!


x x x x x


  1. i love the photo you made with the sunset in ibiza :X

  2. I've been following your Ibiza parables on Twitter and it was generally quite moving. You sounded really blissed out. Pacha especially seemed to really go off (still an acceptable exclaimation?), and during your sunset salutations I could almost hear crowds clapping and a Padillia piano soundtrack in the background. Although that could've been the neighbours.

    Just one question, were you Twittering whilst playing? If so, top marks for multi tasking and three gold stars for nimble fingers. Interactive media? Yeah, kiss my red button.

    Welcome back and best with the Blog.